Piano Lessons and Coaching for Children and Adults

Do you want to learn to play piano?                            

 You can begin now.

With the proper guidance, it won’t be long before you’ll be able to play music.

Become proficient with reading musical notation. Explore the Classics, harmonize melodies, play by ear. By using goal-oriented exercises, you’ll gain the skill necessary to succeed with playing music that you love.

I have been teaching children and adult students since 1981, completing study at Youngstown State University in northeast Ohio with a Bachelor and Masters degree in Music. (B.M, 1981, M.M., 1983; Organ, Harpsichord, Piano, Music History.)  Following my formal education I received private lessons in piano from Mr. Don Lehmann (Portland, Oregon) over a span of fifteen years.

Teachers and musicians who have helped and influenced me the most throughout my education include Dr. Robert E. Hopkins, Marcellene and Walter Mayhall, Don Lehmann, Sr. Germaine Staron, and the Benedictine monks at St. Paul’s Monastery in Ohio, My partner in life and music, Arno Patin, My Mother, Helen,  Father, Rudolph George,  brothers Ed, Jim, George, and sisters Sylvia, Mary….and my greatest inspiration: My wonderful students!

1984-85, I taught Suzuki Piano Classes and accompanied the Suzuki Violin students at the Hoyt Institute of Arts, New Castle, Pennsylvania. From 1983-1986 I was organist at St. Vitus, New Castle, Pennsylvania, St. Anthony Church, Sharon, Pennsylvania and St. Vincent de Paul, Vienna, Ohio. I currently practice organ at St. Andrew’s in Beaverton.

Living in Portland, Oregon since 1986, I have enjoyed being a member of Cantores in Ecclesia for several years under the direction of Dean Applegate. From 2016-present, member of Oregon Music Teachers Association (OMTA), Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), Western Early Keyboard Association (WEKA) and Slovene National Benefit Society (SNPJ). 

Currently, I offer private lessons online, and look forward to re-opening my studio for in-person lessons in southeast Hillsboro. Since Sept. 2018, I also am on the faculty of Rose City Music Academy in Portland, Oregon.

I am dedicated to guiding you along your musical path.  I recognize different learning styles, and will encourage you to play music you enjoy. We build knowledge and technique through piano exercises.

I enjoy playing and working together in the wonderful, enchanting world of music. When I’m not in the studio, you will find me walking on a favorite trail, and visiting gardens. Thank you for your interest in piano lessons! Please contact me if you have questions.

19 thoughts on “Piano Lessons and Coaching for Children and Adults

  1. Elaine Soldo is an extremely gifted and insightful piano teacher. She has instructed both my sons for many years, starting when they were in elementary school. She engages them intellectually, creatively, and emotionally so that they are motivated and inspired to learn and to play. My children have very different personalities and ways of learning, and I have always been very impressed by how thoughtfully Elaine approaches her work with each of them as individuals. My boys have learned so much from Elaine–not only a deep understanding of the inner workings of music but also how to approach the challenges of learning new skills and practicing them. My sons have always loved their lessons–they leave happier! I think they feel Elaine’s love of music and her desire to share it and help them connect to their own creativity and joy in playing. I feel very fortunate that my children have worked with such a devoted and inspiring teacher.

  2. I took lessons from Elaine 15 years ago after years of playing piano but without having had lessons. Receiving lessons was a great experience. Recently, I realized that I had new musical goals that I wanted to work on and Elaine immediately came to mind. The hour that I spend with Elaine is the fastest, most pleasurable hour of my life. My husband remarked after one lesson how much my playing has improved. She inspires me to practice more than I was previously and I am learning how to play by ear for the first time in my life- it is just awesome! She helped me with a tricky rhythmic passage in a beautiful piece that I can now play without dissolving into frustration every time I hit that spot! Elaine’s musical knowledge is vast and deep and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to LOVE their musical experience.

  3. Elaine is wonderful with children and my daughter enjoys her lessons with Elaine each week. She doesn’t love practicing but I think that’s true for all kids. I’m so happy to have found a teacher who teaches my daughter not just musical notes but instills in her a love of music. In the long run, even if she doesn’t continue lessons forever, it will be a lasting gift for her. Thank you Elaine.

  4. Elaine has taught my son for 3 years now, year round, and I am looking forward to many more. I am very impressed with her ability to sense what our child needs for motivation, to relax when he is at his limit and then move forward when he is ready to accelerate. It is so rare in my experience to have an educator that can adjust their style and pace so effectively to the different phases a child goes through. I feel that much more than just mechanics and process is being taught. I expected a battle with my son as years went on to move to other interests or instruments but his commitment to piano is constantly growing. I could not recommend Elaine more enthusiastically.

  5. Both of my sons had the privilege of studying with Elaine and one of them has gone on to become a professional composer and musician. Both boys adored her, always looked forward to their lessons,and as adults still feel grateful for having had the opportunity to study with her. Unlike many other teachers, Elaine is not wedded to any specific method of pedagogy. She tailors her instruction to meet the needs and learning style of each student in a very thoughtful,perceptive,and effective way. I have met a number of adults and young people over a span of many years who share my respect for Elaine, her teaching, and her devotion to her students.

  6. Elaine is an exceptionally gifted piano teacher who instills a love and joy of music in her students. Elaine’s highly individualized approach to her students allows her to work beautifully with all ages–children, teens, and adults. I know this as both my daughter and I had the privilege of studying with Elaine. My daughter studied with Elaine for ten years (from the time she was a second grader until she left for college). I’m grateful to Elaine for helping my daughter develop a joyful, life-long relationship with the piano. As an adult studying with Elaine, I always appreciated her gentle, supportive, and encouraging manner. I also experienced first-hand how well she embeds her teaching of technique into the development of musicality. Her approach is so soulful. You feel Elaine’s love for the piano, her devotion to you and the music, and you come out of her lessons inspired and joyful. Elaine is an absolute treasure and I highly recommend her!

  7. I took piano from Elaine from the time I entered second grade, till I graduated high school. If I could keep taking lessons through college I would. I loved learning the instrument, and loved my instructor even more. She was always so flexible with my crazy schedule. It was incredible to have a teacher that would rather have me come to her house at 8:00 p.m., covered in mud from a practice or game, than not come at all. Elaine is the type of instructor who makes you want to practice and get better, not only because you have a lesson or recital coming up, but because of the connection she helps you develop with the music. As I got older, she helped me branch out into the music world. Often times I would select pieces that were likely too difficult for me, but Elaine never discouraged me. She helped me to surprise myself time, and time again. Even though I’m leaving for school soon, and therefore am not taking lessons, I still play quite often. I’m confident that I will always have piano in my life, and I certainly would not feel this way if I had not taken lessons from Elaine. She is dedicated, passionate, and down-to-earth. I consider myself very lucky to have her in my life.

  8. Elaine’s dedication to her students has been shown through their growth and success as players. Her love for the instrument and music itself drove her ambition to teach everyone, and anyone, who shared her passion. Through my 10 years of lessons with Elaine, I not only improved my skills around the keys, but also my character as a performer and student. These skills have helped me through my first three years of high school and will continue to for years to come. I believe I speak for all of us when I say the Elaine saw the piano player in all of us, even if at times we didn’t.

  9. Elaine was my children’s piano teacher. She is so patient and adapts very well with the childrens’ different personalities.

  10. We are so fortunate that Elaine has been my children’s piano instructor for over twelve years. I have always been impressed by her playing and teaching skills, and inspired by her endless passion for music. Because she lives and breathes MUSIC, she enriches the lives of her students at every lesson. Thank you for sharing your musical gift Elaine!!!

  11. Elaine is a wonderful teacher. She motivated me to keep playing the piano and to work on my compositions. She helped me to think about music as having many layers and how each note in a chord progression (be it jazz or classical) provides its own unique color and character to a piece. She is so very committed, insightful, and supportive of her students. I recommend her highly.

  12. I am a student of Elaine’s and i am very happy with her success in teaching me. I feel i grow mentally, and musically on the path in every lesson. Her studio is comfortable and welcoming.

  13. I love Elaine! I have been going to her for 5 or so years and it just gets better and better! She has an amazing knowledge of music and its history.

  14. I’ve been a musician for a long time but just lately decided to learn piano. I met Elaine many years ago in Youngstown, Ohio and have been receiving lessons from her in the form of email messages. These clear, concise explanations of how to build jazz chords as well as daily fingering exercises have helped me improve my playing dramatically in a very short time. I can only imagine how great it would be to study with this gifted teacher at her studio. Highly recommended!

  15. Elaine is the most amazing piano teacher I have ever met!! She has an amazing talent, and she is so patient but challenging you at the same time, it makes you want to really push your limits but in a very very nice way. I did not play for like 15 years and she reunited me in such a beautiful way with my piano that it was very emotional. I feel happier as a person since I took lessons with her. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! 🙂

  16. Elaine creates a teacher student relationship that is very rare – one that is highly personalized to your unique needs as well as very fun, and motivating. She uses her gifted powers of observation, her knowledge of music and the linear and non linear ways in which people learn to adapt and inspire you. My children took lessons from her and now I am. I now fully appreciate her talent as both a pianist and teacher. I look forward to lessons, and leave them in such a happy state of mind excited to get back to the piano at home to tackle her new and diverse suggestions. The world needs more Elaines!

  17. Our family started with Elaine 4 years ago with our oldest son. Now all 3 of my children are studying with her, and music has exploded in our house. She keeps them excited and interested, works with them on music they want to play, while keeping technique and instruction a priority. They are inspired and passionate about playing and learning. My middle son said to me yesterday, “I had an a AMAZING day!”. When asked what was so amazing he said, “Elaine taught me how to play the Scientist by Coldplay on the piano. I can’t wait to practice it”. She is a music professional, that loves music and loves to teach. An incredible combination.

  18. We have been blessed to have Elaine as our two kids’ piano teacher for the last 5 years. Our kids have different learning styles and motivations, and she has been able to teach them both and keep them motivated to learn and play. Today, the first day of summer vacation, my son told me “I can’t wait to go to piano… I am really excited to play my piece”. He couldn’t wait be done with school, yet he still couldn’t wait to go to piano lessons. Elaine has an amazing ability to engage our kids and has inspired them to be truly passionate about music.

  19. Both my children learned piano from Elaine, from elementary school through high school. My goal for them was for them to gain an enjoyment of music together with gaining skill. Elaine not only taught them how to play increasingly difficult pieces, but worked with them to explore music that they would enjoy. She tailored instruction to each of them, and really got to know them individually. Finally, Elaine enlarged their minds about music and theory, and this is education and appreciation that they have carried into adulthood. My son continued studying music in college. Elaine truly is interested in each child as an individual and cares so much about them!

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